The 6ixth Evolution

To succeed in life and business moving forward, it will be necessary to simultaneously play  “multiple boards of chess”. Knowing which boards to play is the game that matters most.  It will be necessary to think multi-dimensionally with the goal of keeping yourself well positioned, relevant and sustainable at all times.

 For the past decade, it has been thought that change and innovation is the key to success and sustainability.  While that may not have changed entirely, recent events have catapulted adaptability to the forefront of needed skills. On a scale not seen in some time, adaptability is required for globalization and world events, societal, cultural and political convulsions as well as changes in consumer behavior.


6E Thinking for Adaptability

Position yourself, your family and your career to survive and thrive. The 6ixth Evolution introduces the framework of 6 E Thinking, the new way to envision lives and careers in environments as convulsive and turbulent as those we are experiencing currently.  The Promethean Measurement Instrument, available in the text, is a survey to help determine an individual’s “Convulsive Economic Quotient''. The survey questions (and answers) assess strengths and weaknesses in each of nine key areas pertaining to adaptability in rapidly changing environments.  

 The 6ixth Evolution is relevant to anyone still actively working in careers and the larger markets. It is particularly applicable to college, early and mid-career individuals trying to find the right pathway through these challenging and irregular environments. The 6ixth Evolutions discusses how to determine the warning signs of disruption. The author shares his understanding of why we are destined for more compressed and hyper-convulsive socio, cultural, political and economic environments.