The Promethean Measurement Tool

The survey linked below is a measurement tool designed to help individuals measure their ability to sustain, and even thrive, in increasingly convulsive economies and societies.  The resulting Convulsive Economic Quotient is derived by the Promethean Measurement Tool.  It produces a predictive composite figure that measures your unique ability to survive and prosper in cycles of convulsion and disruption.

This 73 question survey is intended to be taken in a single setting and requires approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Each of the nine variables in the model produces an individual score along with the overall CEQ score for the full survey.

Utilizing the Results

By completing the survey accurately, you identify gaps and deficiencies that require attention in order to support future growth, both personally and professionally.  A percentage score of 80% or greater is very good, a score between 60 to 80% is good and a score of 60% or less indicates a deficiency that needs attention.

The Promethean Measurement Tool provides insights and understanding about your ability to withstand the increasingly convulsive environments that will surely present themselves in coming decades. Reflecting on the results and taking intentional steps to strengthen areas of weakness will benefit your life at nearly every level.