No one can question, especially now in 2021, that we live in a convulsive world filled with anxiety and uncertainty. In this book, Dr. Larry Straub explains how adaptability has jumped to the forefront of competencies necessary to survive and to thrive regardless of where you live and work.

Larry has written a compelling, thoughtful and must-read book for anyone interested in attempting to navigate the challenges and convulsive dynamics of the business world. He even offers a measurement tool for calculating a “Convulsive Economic Quotient” and a framework for understanding and sustaining careers in turbulent times. Readers will much appreciate the approach of providing practical measures and solutions above and beyond just pointing out the depth of the challenges we all face.
I had the privilege to be in the same Doctoral Program Cohort in Management as Larry at Case Western Reserve University. His thoughtfulness, story-telling skills, and passion for helping us think about cycles of vulnerability in the world of business is evident in The 6ixth evolution: Managing Lives & Careers Through Convulsive Times. Most importantly, he provides us with ways to detect warning signs and signals as to when and where we might be able to anticipate another cycle of convulsive change.

Philip A. Cola, PhD, Associate Professor of Management, Weatherhead School of Management

The 6ixth evolution: Managing Lives & Careers Through Convulsive Times is a lifetime of work for Dr. Larry Straub. Having met Larry when we were both studying for our Masters’ degrees – some 30 years ago, I’ve lived it as he developed the book’s messages.

Convulsive Times? After 25 years as a CEO of a Central Kansas, agricultural equipment company, he’s lived a convulsive, market driven life. This experience was the background for this complete process of management. Despite his intensity of research and pursuit of wisdom, his concern for employees, teams, and organizations focused this work.

His ‘Convulsive Economic Quotient’ is key in helping people to engage in the Sixth Evolution (6e) thought process. I have used them in my senior level and MBA classes to help guide students’ careers. Millennials think linear; this book predicts (and delivers) in a multi-linear approach. Students, employees, and leaders can guide their own careers in extreme markets and times.

Dr. Straub’s core is a concise, quick read that opens a plethora of options to its readers. I’ve seen this occur in my classes as we discussed his approaches. The ‘6 Key Takeaways’ from each section directs their attention to actionable strategies. As you compile these takeaways, a pattern of developing your own career strategy evolves. His experience with warning signs and signals for potential career challenges develops the multilevel approach to success in your career.

Paul Hedlund, Ed D., Professor of Marketing and Leadership, Kansas Wesleyan University.